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3 Common Social Media Oversights

2017 is here, bringing innovative digital marketing technologies and new social media platforms. It’s easy to get excited and use new tools without clear goals in mind. Anyone can get carried away and think that trendy is what the brand, person or company needs.

It’s beneficial to step back, conduct an audit and then “oil the […]

Weekly To Do List and Conversations Review

There are people who keep their to-do lists and notes in a notebook, others use post-it notes or web-based tools such as Remember the Milk or Evernote. At the end of each week they can review their lists and notes – be excited about their successes and feel guilty about their procrastinations.

Here’s another idea: At the end of […]

Small Business Is Always In A Marketing Loop

I was recently asked to explain the “marketing wheel” concept.  I had to stop and think.  For a moment, I thought of a steering wheel that helps anyone in charge of a moving object to stay on course. Then I remembered that there indeed is a term such as “marketing wheel”.  I prefer to call it […]