About Varju Luceno


I serve my clients as a digital marketing strategist, writer, accessibility advocate and a digital technology enthusiast.


I provide marketing consulting services to organizations around the world.

I also serve as a member of the M-Enabling Summit Program Committee. All people, regardless of their ability or disability should have access to education and information.

Varju Luceno Profile Picture - Marketing Strategist and Community Manager


  • M-Enabling Summit, Washington DC, US [June 2017]
  • M-Enabling Summit, Washington DC, US  [June 2016]
  • M-Enabling Summit, Washington DC, US  [June 2015]
  • WLIC 2014 Satellite Conference in Paris, France [August 2014] 
  • XLi 2014: Designing for Diversity / Innovating for Student Success (Montana Tech) [March 2014]
  • Missoula BarCamp [April 2013]
  • Missoula Accessibility Camp [March 2013]
  • WMA Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, California [October 2012]

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